Lots n Lots of Joyful Returns of the Day my Dear Killer ❤️

   VIJAY THAKUR, the KILLER & my Magical MADARI   Evergreen Smiles 🥰 Crazy n Taharki, an unique item of its own kind, Madari  The Killer of boredom, The Piller of laughter.  The prince of Shajapur  the VIJAY THAKUR one of our Chuddy Buddies wish you lots of love and hugs and joyful returns of the day Bhai ❤️. Coming to know about the chap with unique voice texture and funny gestures was a big item in itself.🤩 That was our very first night at Pratap House after admission at LNCPE in 1991. In late night our doors were banged, seniors asked all first year juniors to assemble in the common room immediately for the introduction. Clan, to which the Killer belong Introduction? We could immediately figure it out that Introduction was an acceptable respectful name given to the rituals which were known elsewhere as RAGGING . Unwillingly, looking each other's faces full of apprehensions, we made our way to the common room. In common room we were made to sit on the floor in potty-ready

Commandent Sahab Ko Happy Wala Birthday

Gopi, Our Beloved & Craziest Soul Gopi, Loved n Craziest Our Crazy Commandent Sahab Gopinath Singh, one of the most talked about, fun loving soul wish you lots and lots of crazy birthday wishes. May you be blessed with more Passion and Craziness.   What a great, unique, exclusive and free flowing character he was in college. GOPI, a big puzzle, was the person who left everyone guessing, what kind of character he really was. We kept guessing about him but failed to make final conclusion. Some used to find him very jolly and funny so they try to get friendly with him but Some would find him very volatile and unpredictable so they will try to stay away from him and would take lot of precaution in interacting with him. Back to the Roots Gopi on the Ground We were his privileged classmate and football-mate, watched him closely on and off the ground. He was one of the most unpredictably clueless and self-ruled person i ever met on the football ground.  FIFA rules never applied on Gopi. H

Manoj our Local Global Wish You Lots n Lots of HBD

  The boy of decisive words and actions, the boys always on fire with a Shatrughn Sinha like decorative scratch mark on his cheek as his mark of uniqueness, the boy with speculative mind, With deep but sharp eyes, Penetrative features Stuffed with more than required ambitions the local of Gwalior living with global Indians, Dear Manoj Bhai wish you lots and of lots of joyful returns of the day There were few local folks of Gwalior who were having Global taste of Global life at LNCPE. But what I felt that it's not a good idea to maintain your local status intact when you are living with global people. Same was the condition of our Gwalior Local folks like Manoj, Sukkhi, Deepak L and Deepak P. Being local they had privileges to not get homesick. Every weekend they used to disappear as they would run to their home. In college they were like guests.  Competitive Entrepreneur of Taman's Calibre They were trying to have fun of college/hostel and home both simultaneously but unfortuna

Terrific Tamanjit, For Every Malady He is the Remedy with Comedy

  Terrific Tamanjit: For Every Malady He is the Remedy with Comedy Hamare Chadha Sahab ❤️ Sun is the centre of universe, Same way Tamanjit Singh Chadha aka Sippy aka younger bro of Dippy is the centre of our Universe of Friends & Trends. Lots n lots of joyful returns of Day wishes dear Tamanjit Paaji, our  most prolific Sardar. Sippy, the tiny SARDAR with a big ASARDAR personality.  SARDAR, a treasure of smilingly constipated tricks n ideas who spoils & smiles with equal justification.  There are so many dazzling Sardars in the group. But Taman is the Trump among them.  Chota Sardar of a Bada Gang Tamam, a Zandu Balm like 'Solution for all problems' ,  Actually in the batch he was a God sent 'Remedy with Comedy for every Malady'. First Darshan of Chadha Saab 😍 When we were still only aspirants for admission at LNCPE, I was staying in Pratap House. Every morning when on the way to and fro toilet, I would come across to see a bizarre kind of SARDAR which was a